The bus is now starting to take shape as we remove parts of the bus that don’t work for us with what does work for us.
The main reason for changing the layout of the bus is to allow us to lock a separate kitchen to keep food well out of reach and out of sight of dear little Isla.
It’s taken us a while to get into the project in between the craziness of life but it’s now on a roll.
So we started by removing the big double bed framework at the back of the bus with the idea that the kitchen would be relocated from the middle of the bus to right at the back and lockable both ends forward and back. We also needed to remove the aircon unit which was right at the back bolted up against the roof and backend of the bus allowing headroom through the new kitchen to be.
So with the bed out and a nice open space, we could see what we were working with. After having many small kitchens in Tinney homes over time, we feel we have a good idea of what we need in a wee bus kitchen so we could design it to suit just our needs, which we feel is a bit of a treat.
First, we designed the layout making the most of the space that was available, taking into account how it would work reg moving about within and working the kitchen, standing and passing room, ventilation for cooking, fridge noise, plumming of sink and location of the gas line to stove act act. So after many hours of deliberation and measuring, we came up with a layout to suit us.

We also came to a  decision to fit a log burner as we can’t be without fire, so we treated ourselves to a tinny   ROARING MEG, beautifully handmade in Cromwell. Now arrived and to be fitted up on the side to save space in the middle of the bus for good all-round heat. You can see in the photo the silver box is a template, to be there in the position opposite the old kitchen now to be Lola’s desk space.

Then we started framing up the main bulkheads which a good carpenter friend Kindley volunteered to help out with this tricky stage as his contribution to our project (lucky us, many thanks Ian) . So with the great well-fitted bulkheads in place, we can now continue building what we need in our own time which is now looking good so far. As you can see in the pictures we fitted the cabinetry out in plywood, then painted to seal and to keep it nice and light inside the bus.
We still have lots more cabinetry to go in and painting to complete, but the ball is rolling now and hope it’ll soon be finished !!!! Hhhhhhhaaaaaa yeh right !
Watch this space.