OK well, we’ve been plodding on with the bus fit-out, but feeling like we’re treading water with everything else!

Anyhow, we seem to have got a few more jobs done recently which makes us feel like we’re getting nearer to setting off.

Just a few days ago the first logo went on the bus so it’s starting to look the part now with lots more to be lined up and stuck on.

We’re really impressed with our little log burner – a tiny roaring meg, now fitted and working beautiful, just what we need to keep warm, dry and cosey all year round.

As you know we had to make space at the back of the bus for the new kitchen so needed to make the rock n roll bed in the middle of the bus more user-friendly, bigger and more comfortable. Once again spent a long time measuring up and procrastinating over how to make it work best with the space we have.

So we pretty much started again with a new bed base, designing it to fold into three, allowing it to concertina back to give a sofa base and a good backrest too. Paul put a rolling wheel under one end for light and easy setup and stowing. The base also needed added ventilation which a friend kindly whizzed through his CNC machine making it really easy and very neat work. The bed ventilation is often overlooked in fit-outs and people only discover it when its too late – fit-outs completed and there already sleeping onboard and wondering why they’re getting a bad back or a damp bed!  The mattress is in the making to fit the base with layers of closed-cell foam in the middle and then softer layers on the outsides making it nice and comfy.

I’m hoping that we’ll have more time for the bus now so our progress should be quicker from here on !