Wow-what a fast-changing world we all live in right now – I hope your all doing OK.

As a family, we chose to lock down a week before NZ officially did, as we were increasingly worried about catching the coronavirus. Lola was still at the local school, so we needed to self isolate. As it all snowballed I got increasingly worried about Lola catching it at school, or if Paul or I caught it we’d transmit it onto Isla with PWS, being more vulnerable and unable to shake it off as easily as most kids. so we’ve been in lockdown for 2 months now and got tones done, which enables us to start our project as soon as lockdowns lifted.

As most of you know, our project was to start last spring, but times passed quickly, and we got bogged down with projects of every kind, which brings us to winter here in NZ. Although we’re not big on winter there’s a certain stillness and magic about it, so with this, we’ll push on, embrace it, and keep that wicked weee log burner onboard well stoked, as it’s pretty cold down on the south island right now.

The girls haven’t experienced proper snow before, so that’s exciting for us all, and it’ll be quieter at the moment with less traffic on the roads, making it safer to travel.

Although we’re missing interaction we plan to keep ourselves to ourselves as we travel, feeling our way, as still, the future can change quickly, and if need could hot tail it back home in a few long days driving.

As time passes and we’ll get more into it- blogging and uploading our webpage regularly, with more details of our travels, homeschooling, life in our house bus, living with PWS, and Lola’s kitchen.

We were hoping to visit families around NZ living with PWS, but with the recent circumstances we understand that this can’t happen right now, but feel the project must go on. We will still video blog our travels around NZ as a family, and hope during these crazy times you can join us.

If in time the COVID 19 it completely stamped out here in NZ, and families feel they’d like to meet us, then this can be re-assessed at the time.

We’d like to add – We are all in different places, and different stages of this pandemic right now –

We wish you all good health, stay safe, keep strong through the tough times, and let’s hope that the world as a whole will recover in time.