This blog is for everyone whos kindly supported, and helped us in so many ways to propel the project forward.

So here we share our gratitude for all you amazing people out there and of course our little community who have pulled together and supported a good cause.

We first had the seedling of an idea in our heads –

To raise awareness for Prador Willi syndrome by touring New Zealand in a bus.

So we had to find the right bus, then adapted it to suite us, and with that, everyone came on board to help. We feel touched to have so many friends and local businesses behind us so willing to share there time and skills, goods or materials for the cause.

First to help was our generous boat builder/ friend, Ian, who donated days of time and skills, we THANK YOU Ian Wood – our local Boatbuilder.

We’ve had extra cupboards fitted in the kitchen by my Dad whos also a boatbuilder, visiting from Europe at the time . I’m glad Dad was able to add some of his craftsmanship to the project-” crafted with love”- a bit of Dad on board with us – THANKS DAD.

As the project unfolded, the time arrived to make it public – tec stuff- not our forte!. Lucie saved the day – a wonderful web designer who was happy to create and donate this website to the cause, and I must say was incredibly patient in teaching us what we needed to know. Lucie pulled it all together beautifully – we’re so grateful – THANK YOU, Lucie, at

Then the bus needed badging up with a logo and the link, So once again donated by a friend Tor. The bus looks fab, so THANK YOU Tor for all your time and efforts.  Sign Right Tor

Paul rebuilt the bed into a rock-n-roll style, with good ventilation holes added quickly with ease on a CMC machine, by a friend Craig,. THANK YOU Craig, for your donated time to do that. CMC Design Opua

Then a new mattress needed to be made to fit the base, once again created by friends of ours, THANKS, Mel and Anett  for our lovely comfortable bed at

Opua canvas

We bought our fire through John at- Roaring Meg Fires- beautifully crafted by John himself in New Zealand. The best little firebox ever, we love it, THANK YOU John, for your generous discount from – Roaring Mag Fires

With the changes inside we needed to blend the old with the new, so a lick of paint here and there solved that- kindly done by our friend – lovely Linsey who’s a good painter. THANK YOU for your donated time Linsey.

To pass the COF there was a little paintwork done on the body, so a friend helped out. Paul’s good at most things but not spray painting- so Jimmy’s the man THANK YOU, Jimmy, bus looks fab.

On replacing the batteries together with a friend, Matt, whos an electrician discovered there was much more to be improved so a BIG THANKS Matt for your time and input on the project.

Of coarse the electrical system needs good balancing, with good batteries, solar panels and controller to run well. So THANK YOU to Cam- who kindly sold us all these goodies at cost price -Solar Solutions Northland

We found a great contact for our  wonderful 130 Ltr fridge – supplied at cost. A reliable fridge is very important for Isla’s med’s, so THANK YOU to

Fridgetech Marine Auckland

Also, our THANKS go out to local shops who both gave us fab discount on products we bought through them, THANK YOU to  Burnsco and Cater Marine Opua

So there you have it – its been really heartwarming to have everyone pull together and help –  donating time and skills for the bigger jobs here and there, or sharing and recycling materials for the little quirky jobs, it’s all helped us move forward with the project and achieve our goal, and now we can move into the next chapter of the project – WHAT A TEAM – BIGGEST WARMEST THANKS TO YOU ALL – together we’ve made it happen.