So here we are, working our way down the North Island, visiting new places, meeting other families living with PWS, and catching up with old friends at cool spots, and now  feel like we’re fully in the groove.

It’s been wonderful connecting with the other families out there – spending time sharing ideas and knowledge of PWS, what works for them and just simply being together.

We’re all enjoying our travel’s through New Zealand, the Scenery  is so diverse –  I know we need to sort out our photo’s to share – well we actually need to take  more ! we promise !  We’ll soon get the hang of blogging properly. We have limited internet, so working our way around Instagram, finding it quick and easy to upload on our phone, so in-between our website updates you can follow us on Instagram too.

We’re now just an hour north of the capital – Wellington, After leaving the bay of Islands – what seems like aaagggeeesss ago, we’ve driven first to the West coast- near Dargaville, then Whangarie, Hamilton, Cambridge, Lake Taupo, Ohakune, and now in the Palmerston North area – Levin. keeping mostly to the main roads so as to get across to the south Island before the roads get too busy when the schools break up, Just hoping the Ferries aren’t too busy ! Feeling like we’re on a mission to be in the South Island for the summer time.  The average temperature’s dropping as we go south, reminding us of the miles we’re doing. .

The living space we’ve created inside the bus is working really well – as long as we keep tidy and everything well stowed !  – one downside to living on the read is the packing every 5 minutes. I think the stowing of gear is good discipline for us all – nice n tidy girls ! . We’re finding the girls separate desk invaluable for there school studies, playing and crafts – sometimes they just need a little space of our own – especially if the weathers not so good.

We’re hoping our trip back up will be of a slower pace ! allowing us more time to share our travels with you through our blogging.

So for now we’ll work on our photo’s, and in time plan to elaborate some more on each aspect of our travels.