So our ferry crossing went well as the missive ferry pulled into the little port of Picton, so here we were on the south Island and ready to explore. We spent that evening with friends – Happy campers too that we met in our home turf some time ago traveling in there classic bedford bus. We did a walk around Picton before leaving town for the county town of Murchison where there’s another one of those wonderful park over properties where we camped for the night. We always enjoy cruising through the village popping into a few local shops, garbing a coffee or sometimes a bite to eat, chatting to some locals to get a feel for the place.

This then took us over to the Lewis pass which is very stunning and long, weaving its way over the main ridge of mountains that run through the length of the south Island, we followed the very very windy road along the braded river beds until it opened up a little to camp on the riverside just outside Henmer.

Our next main  destination was Christchurch and on our way we passed Henmer Springs so had to check out the natural hot springs – aaahhh yyeehhh really nice and the weather was on our side so we had a fab time. We all had our fair share of exercise swimming, running up steps and then sliding down !  Each pool has different minerals and temperature’s so to squeeze in some  relaxing was a must do too.

While in Christchurch we met up with another family living with PWS who actually had there little girl Kaahu in the same ward as we had Isla – just 10 days later, So we always enjoy hooking up with them whenever life allows us too. Its hard to belave how the years tick by and the kids just keep growing as an indication of time ! I was just wonderful to see them all again after so many years.

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