Well we had a wonderfully busy time in Christchurch catching up with good friends and visiting some places we hold dear. see the posted photos of the views from Scarborough hill with Christchurch to the North and Taylors Mistake to the south. While we were there there was a little community surf comp going on at Taylors mistake beach so it was buzzing that day.

So after a long weekend in Christchurch we headed south taking the most stunningly scenic Akaroa road and on to one of our long time favorite camp spots Okains bay on the Banks peninsular. There on our  first night we were invited to watch the local schools prize giving and Christmas sing sing which was very welcoming and festive.

The girls had a ball hanging under the big tree with some other bus kids allowing us time to reorganize the bus and I made the most of it with some yoga time which I try and squeeze in at every opportunity depending on weather and where we’re parked !

Our next stop was Geraldine which is such a sweet town, and the local outdoors pool was a life saver for that really hot day we were there.