We left the country town of Geraldine and cruised south spending a couple of nights at park over properties. Our first was night was near Ashburton where our friendly hosts invited us to see their beautiful classic cars they’d restored. Our second night was near Geraldine at a brewery with space to park – very convenient for a pint.

Traveling around this part of New Zealands flatter with long long straight roads with wind braking trees that go on for miles, which is quite a contrast to the winding mountains we’ve seen before.

First thing you notice when you pull into Beautiful Oamaru is its the amazing architecture, built in the 1818s from local cream colored limestone giving character to the streets and retaining its historic charm.  We first checked out the Steam Punk Museum to get idea of the history of the area before heading off to Kakinui where we’ve been looking forward to spending Christmas. After so much traveling and on the road most days, packing and un-packing the bus it’s been nice to just be in one place for a while. well with 5 days spear with nothing organized yet for crimbo we have a few things to do !