I thought this Christmas spread that Lola and her friend Rio put together would be a good place to start Lola’s blogging. Although Lola’s made lots and lots of yummy things for us and our friends, this is nice and festive.

As you might have read in one of our last blogs we shared Christmas with friends in Kakanui. As stunning as it is, the weathers very changeable, so we came up with the unique idea to use the greenhouse for dinner to escape the rain.

Now all the 4 kids spent most of the day preparing, the older girls in the kitchen cooking, and Isla and cash helping with dishes and the decorations, with a very colorful, festive result. Now it looks like a table full of party food- well – it was Christmas – and I can assure you that they were homemade petties the girls made from shared home kill beef from a friend, and the veggie option was bean burgers. They even made the rolls themselves. I’ll never forget the salad of Pomegranate and few other fruits, with bean sprouts, and mixed salad leaves – a great salad for those kids that “don’t eat salad” ! I think they made the most of Christmas with no adult supervision, squeezed in some naughty treats too ! along with a couple of homemade dips the party was ready to start.

Now I’m backdating this blog and don’t know exactly what they did as Lola made no notes and she banned me at the time from everything they were doing. They didn’t even let me in the greenhouse until we were ready to eat ! – I love surprises.

Now this  page isn’t going to be the same as our future bloggings, but felt they made such a beautiful spread of food, and decorations I thought it needed to be shared.