Firstly ,we ,the vagabond family would like to wish you – all our followers, family and friends a very merry Christmas and happy holidays.

So we go from a taste of  Oamaru, to now, Crimbo in Kakinui, we eventual got ourselves sorted  for Christmas, and settled into the holiday mode where we’re able to relax with our good friends and there 2 little kiddies for the festive time.

We’ve put down roots for a couple of weeks in this beautiful spot, just a stroll from the beach where Dave, Hailey and family are building themselves a home. but for now the tools are down and we’ve been having a great time. Although things got interesting when our camp got a bit muddy and squelchy during the recent rain storms !  We laugh now but the kitchen tent was flooded, drainage trenches needed to be dug to drain the camp ! how unexpected summer time rain storms – I think the world over is having a weather shift due to climate change.

Good breaks in the weather aloud us to enjoy the beaches, and surrounding area, and maybe fit in a walk here and there, or a canoe in the estuary . Dave would dive or fish some days for  a good feed for dinner of paua or fish. On one particular day the guys took the rib out with the kids and Lola caught a shark, she was so excited to show us Mums how big it was when she returned. Paul was caught out with unexpected seasickness as hadn’t been on the water for a year ish, so spent the time throwing up !  but the kids all seemed to have a great time. So with the beach at the end of the street we’ve been eating like kings on amazing fresh seafood- a real beauty spot – we love that about New Zealand – there’s just so many beautiful spots.

I’ve got to say it, but the most novel thing had to be dinner in the green house, the warmest, driest place to eat, when alfrsco dinning out the question, where we could all comfortably chill and dine around the table. The greenhouse also came in handy for drying the washing from time to time, we just love the improvisation of  making a space work for you.

There was a time when we went into Oamaru swimming pools to expel and entertain the kids and found ourselves unable to get back to Kakinui due to the floods. So we spent the night at a friend of a friends house who were so hospitable and kindly gave us there wonderful Victorian flatlet for the night. Isla at the time was very concerned about the change of plan, and when we might next get back to the bus. But luckily later the next day we were able to make it back to kakinui. This would have only been our second night sleeping out the bus in the three and a half months we’ve been in it.