On Leaving Our friends place in Kakinui we headed down to Dunedin, but only 20 minutes out of town our engine overheated. We did the usual pull over thing and had a quick look. Well, this is right up Paul’s street – in a jiffy Paul could see that a seal on the radiator had come loose causing it to leak and in turn engine overheat. we topped it up with a few kettles of water, and were back on the road in no time.

We were on our way to the Otago museum for a day out with friends to celebrate Lola’s 12th Birthday. As always Museum’s are full of wonderful knowledge and excitement for the kids, so despite the complications of overheating we all had a great day.

Our next stop was Lawrence to visit some friends that we originally met in the Bay of islands. We continued Lola’s Birthday celebration’s together in there beautiful homestead that evening over a lovely roast dinner and birthday cake.

So back to the problem of fixing our radiator ! There’s a local garage in little Lawrence but they were unable to find another replacement. So Paul decided to remove it himself, so with the help of George, who also loves cars, and knows his stuff, the guys got to work and remove the radiator to be reconditioned.

While the radiator was been reconditioned back in Duners we had time to have a little tour around the country town of Lawrence. Quit a quant spot surrounded with stunning rolling hills – sometimes reminding us of the green hills of Cornwall. Along with the primroses i spotted, which is the first I’ve ever seen in NZ- so had to take a photo.

Here is where the Otago gold rush first began back in 1861, when gold was found in Gabriel’s Gully. There we enjoyed a walk, then strolled the streets and enjoyed the art galleries dotted through town along with the antique shops and a tinny museum, then of course a much need recharge at the coffee shop.

The locale garage gave our brakes a over-haul to double check all was well.

Only 2 days later the guys refitted our reconditioned unit and we’re back on the road again.