Well I have to talk about the birth place of our wonderful tinny fire, so we were on a beeline for Cromwell to meet John at his workshop where he builds these awesome log burners.

So on arriving to lake Dunston, near Cromwell, we first had a swim as yu do, and then John joined us for dinner at our bus, right on the lakeside. After many phone conversations over the design details of our burner and flue we felt like we already know him.

Our next meeting was at Johns workshop in Cromwell township, where he gets really creative. To see the fire boxes all lined up so neatly ready for delivery or export was a sight. The thought of each beautiful crafted fire box keeping so many people warm a cozy wherever that might be, just made me smile.

The roaring meg fires are named after the Roaring Meg river that runs between Queens town and Cromwell- see in photo. As tiny as our fire box is – roar it does, so during those cold snaps we’ve been having recently here from time to time, we’ve been super cozy, thanks to John at Roaring Meg Fires NZ.