As the new year 2021 begins, we the vagabond family would like to take this opertunity so share a thought – We understand that for most of in the world, including New Zealand, the year 2020 has  been a very  difficult one.

Right now it feels so surreal that we can still continue our trip and project plans here in NZ. We feel grateful to be here and pretty much covid free, but still we hope that one day we’ll be able to visit our family and friends again elsewhere in the world as we’ve done before. We feel very lucky, but also guilty, it’s so unfair right now as much of the world, in so many countries and so many many individuals are still battling in some way or another with this dredful pandemic. We hope with all our hearts that 2021  will bring some good, in some way or another, and be a better year for us all.