We spent a few days enjoying this particular area- we’ve found it even more wild than before, as in, a lot less people, traffic, or housing around, so very quite and natural. It was actually my Birthday and I felt like finding a quite little spot to just hide from the world. The girls spoilt me with crafts and homemade gifts and Lola kept surprising me with Birthday treats – starting with breakfast in bed with freshly squeezed orange juice (named princess potion ) together with coffee of course ! and then a bit later Birthday cinnamon biscuits and flower petal confetti- well  I couldn’t imagine a Birthday with out flowers!

At the time we were actually heading for Haast on the west coat, a small village where the river meets the sea. But after a a lot of deliberation we decided not to continue with this plan. As we felt its a lot of extra miles going there and back, when our plan wasn’t even to take the west coast road north anyhow. As beautiful as it is, I don’t think we, or Isla could cope with the sand flies and mosquitoes in that area. Some of you reading already know dear Isla has high anxiety, and along with this comes skin picking, so those little bites don’t stay little for long, then out come the plasters for months on end just for the odd little bite !  not worth it to us.

Even if we didn’t make it to the west coast, we still very much enjoyed the time we had at the beginning of the Haast pass, see the open baron photo of bus parked on riverside at the head of lake Wanaka. Then on the lakesides of Hawea and Wanake near where the lakes almost join together – just so stunning.