We spent a weekend in Invercargull visiting new friends of ours who made us feel most welcome. We enjoy spending just a bit more than a day or two in one place, so able to sort a few things, relax, and really connect with whoever we’re with, or wherever we are. Penny has a very sweet little project going in her garden which very much inspired me. Penny dose a wonderful job of growing a great array of flowers to creating beautiful arrangements for selling locally. I like the way she can juggle the kids at home a nip out and tend to the garden whenever possible. I think Isla will enjoy this kind of time in the garden- at home I include her in gardening of greens and salads which may not work as time goes on. Salad and veg greens mmmmm not so interesting, but as the tomatoes and cucumbers start growing then I think I’ll have to keep the gate closed on the veggie garden for Isla! . The kids all had a ball buzzing around the garden from tramp, and then to paddling pool, and chicken run to dress ups. So they all got there fair share of exercise, and goes without saying slept well.