Lola wiped us up one of her basic Pancake recipes for breakfast. Lola always tries wiggling out of our everyday porridge for breakie ! luckily – as we all love pancakes.


3 Cups of plain flour , 3 cups of cashew nut milk.

2 eggs, olive oil for the batter and a little for the pan, a big spoon of honey, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and just a pinch or 2 of salt.


First heat the pan on low with a little oil. To make the batter start with the flour in a mixing bowl with the cinnamon and salt,  then add the 2 eggs, into a well in the middle of the bowl, together with the honey. Then pour a little of the milk in with the eggs, and slowly mix to combine the wet and dry ingredients by adding more milk to make the batter. If you find there’s a few lumps just give it a whisk. By this time the pans hot ready and to start cooking your pancakes.

Lola served hers with mushed raspberries, and if you wish a spoon of yoghurt or a dribble of maple.