Soon after arriving here to Curio bay we heard about the resident dolphins and how they love to swim with the surfers and the visitor swimmers. We looked out above the beach to see them swimming just out beyond the surf. The girls we’re so excited to get in he water with them, we quickly grabbed our swim gear of masks and boards then jogged along the beach to where we saw them cruising. Its recommended to give them space of 50 m distance, but this particular dolphin swam right in-between a couple just along from us, so this one wasn’t shy ! it was happily surfacing  just a few meters away from us. Isla played in the surf with her life jacket and boogie board while Lola being a stronger swimmer was keen to get a closer look. While Paul and I took it in turns to swim out passed the surf to swim with the dolphins. To be honest it might have only been a 10 minute swim as the sea of the Sothern ocean is pretty chilly ! A very exciting refreshing swim.