A weekend of steam and aviation fun for all in Mandeville, which is just north of gore. We’re far from historians but do appreciate the steam era. The girls enjoyed a few rides in the passenger steam train finding all the noises, smells, and energy of a steam train rail ride fascinating. A range different steam engines were on show which have clearly been lovingly restored giving them a new lease of life for others to admire. There was a hand full of classic cars on show, and another array of small aircrafts flew in for the event. On site there’s also a wonderful café for refreshments and a little gift shop with many practical and useful gifts. Its unique that nearly all the aircrafts from 1920s and 30s on display actually fly. This museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating New Zealand’s aviation heritage. There appears to be a great team of volunteers running the center which allows these kind of weekends to take place, so thank you to those people for making it happen.