Since the historic aviation and steam show we’ve been working our way back up the north island stopping off in some familiar spots we’ve stopped before which makes a change from planning from place to place. We’ve dotted along back the way we came to Fortrose estuary camp spot where friends visited us for the day, another day Lola cooked lunch ( see here blog ).Then onto Waikawa inlet were we  took a damp jog through nearby bush to stretch our legs and spent the night.  Then the next day headed to curio bay for a very blustery walk around the headland and the amazing view while we did a morning of school work, and a coffee shop stop, and another quick look around the little museum before we left, giving us much needed time out the bus !  Then stunning slop point for a night but the weather had been off for a while so decided to head to Invercargill and straight to the public swimming pools for a bit of fun and exercise – and another break from our little bus which seems to shrink a little more every time rains ! We then hooked up with friends who were training and competing at the Vera drome, – all very energetic and exciting. That night after the racing we hit the road to a camp over spot on our way to Kingston. After a few days now of being on the move we were happy to meet up again with happy campers with kids at one of our favorite spots on the lakeside at Kingston. By this time the weather had cleared and we could enjoy this beautiful spot right on the beach where we’re able to spread out and enjoy our surroundings close by. Although the lakes are very cold and fresh there very invigorating to be in and out of in-between other daily stuff. It was nice to see our friends again, and the girls love spending time with there kids too, such a cool spot we decided to hang a another night.