Now home schoolings not for everyone – in actual fact it can only be done if it works well for the both parties – the student and – the teacher – and combined to be able to work together. Our girls understand the benefits of home schooling – especially Lola whos that bit older and has experienced both school and homeschooling back and forth several times now. She sees that when we’re homeschooling we have more time together as a family and more time to experience other things. As parents we’re more in tune with there academic abilities and support them where they need it most. sometimes combining lessons with our day to day adventures, what I’d call learning through life experiences – which unfortunately when the girls are in school there’s less time to do this. But the up side to state schooling is independents from us as parents, building there own world, and long term friendships, class projects, sports and as parents we can’t give all these thing. So it’s worked for us to chop and change a little so that the girls get the best of both worlds which they both adapt well to allowing us to squeeze in some travel and adventure. On saying that Isla struggles with anxiety and change but with the right support and reassurance we can work through it together. Isla needs one to one with her schooling and although academically very behind she’s  been moving forward with the one to one homeschooling which is wonderful. Despite everything else changing around us we keep a fixed schooling routine where we walk first thing, then get into schooling and we’ll be finished by lunch time freeing up the rest of the day. We make little space we have in our bus work for us – The girls both have there own desks to study so limits the sibling arguing during school times ! As a Mum I feel privileged to be able to home school our girls and like any Mum and Dad we just want to give our girls as much input and as many experiences as we can.