On arriving to Christchurch we first visited Lyttleton harbor which is where it all first began for us here in New Zealand 17 ish years ago.  We were invited on holiday to meet some friends aboard their motor yacht when during this time we pulled into Lyttleton, and felt right at home, and then a little later decided to stay in NZ more permanently. So we always enjoy popping in to tap into the Lyttleton vibe to reminisce. The town is as bustling as ever with ships coming and coming the port loading and unloading and with the Sunday market ( which we just caught the end of ) and eateries buzzing at lunchtime, the place is truly alive. Although it  has of course changed since the earth quakes with many of the traditional heritage brick buildings sadly removed or collapsed during that time leaving makeshift container cafes or cabins still temporarily filling the spots. But as always the town has a great vibe about it especialy now after a lot of works have taken place, with the arrival of the new marina, a local swimming pool, and a kids fun and skate park. We visited friends living on a sailing yacht in the marina which was lovely. Isla and Lola were well entertained by there old school friends from up north and  their liveaboard gunnypigs.