While walking along the beach at low tide Isla spotted the big muscles on the rocks and was so excited at the thought of muscles for dinner. After checking with the locals that there good and safe, we picked a few for dinner.


Fresh muscles de bearded, scrubbed and soaked for 20 ish mins- to remove the sand and salt. Cooked rice. 1 Onion. Spring onion. A few garlic cloves. 1 lemon. 1 tomato. Fresh coriander. Some stock of your choice and a splash of white wine if you wish. Drizzle of oil. Cracked pepper.


First prepare the muscles ready, chop the onion and garlic and soften in hot oil in a big pan with a fitting lid.

Add the muscles, stock, wine, pepper, zest and juice from the lemon, and cover and steam.

All the muscles should open when there cooked and just discard the closed ones.

Add the rice to mix in and heat through, then add the chopped tomato and the chopped coriander to finish, and extra cracked pepper ( maybe no salt ! ). Serve with a little hot crispy bread.