We all had  a bit of fun at Steve’s making a big batch of Cornish pasties which was planed, so we found ourselves some good organic beef and a few other bits we needed to get on with it. The girls were both keen to help, so it was all hands on deck to make a Cornish pasty feast for dinner. Even Isla was quite happy helping as most of the ingredients are raw and uneatable, so she was quite safe and well entertained and of course with a great outcome she was well behaved and grateful to be included in preparation as its not normally the case ! There’s a few stages to making pasties so Lola had a great system going, and as always, does a great job in the kitchen. We did a few batches in the oven and enjoyed them hot with Steve’s yummy homemade chutney and salad – and not to forget  a pint of Steve’s homebrew cider for the grownups !