We had a lot of fun making cider, picking, shredding and pressing apple’s – all a learning curve and hope to put it into practice ourselves someday –

First we picked a wheelbarrow full of apples, and as you can see in the photo’s had fun in the shed shredding them which then needed pressing in a big wooden press – such a great method that’s been used for so many generations – so simple. Now there’s freshly squeezed apple juice, which you can imagine was sampled by all – a few times ! . At this stage a little yeast is added and its put in a warm place for a certain length of time. Which is the next stage- where we continued from the last batch that had already fermented –  we then siphoned into bottles with a teaspoon of sugar per bottle. So with a little more patience I believe it clears a little more until ready to drink. I’m sure there a lot more to it than that but Steve makes it look easy. Personally I don’t like sweet drinks and normal bought cider is quite sweet, so something I don’t buy but the real stuff is deliciously, refreshingly, scrummy, with no preservatives or nasties.