This is a must do, so quick and simple to make – and so versatile to have in the fridge and ready to go anytime – either by itself, as a spread on hot bread, in a bake or pasta, or drizzled over your tomato salad. However you have it, its a winner.


Lots of fresh basil, olive oil, cashew nuts, a clove of garlic, and seasoning.


Just pop in all the ingredients in a little whizzer or us a stick  blender and a jar ( store it in that jar to save dishes ). Taste and adjust the consistency by adding more oil or solids, and taste for flavor – yummm

Try whatever you like, be it olive based, or sundried tomato base  – give it a whiz. by making it yourself there’s not preservatives or stuff you’ve never heard of – although it wont last as long a shop stuff for that reason. But its so yummy its devoured pretty quickly.