Lola said she fancied  making pumpkin pie, but at the time we hadn’t any pumpkin – but we did have Kumara ( sweet potato for the Pommy lot  : )

You can see in the photo that there aren’t  many ingredients in this dish, and as always – she says she didn’t follow a recipe – most recipes for pies like this are loaded with sugar and fat but today Lola was wanting to make something for dinner and not dessert – so she made it as as she went along – and I have to say it was delish. I don’t normally have dairy in the fridge, but this time there was cream cheese left over from something Lola had made the other day, so a little of that went in it too ( pictured in the small bowl )


Kumara x 4, an onion, few cloves of garlic, cream cheese, 3 eggs, oil and bought pastry this time !


Lola not following a recipe first chopped and softened the onions and garlic in a big pan. Then peeled and cut the kumara to boil together in the same pan – which I guess would give more flavor to the kumara and save dishes!

While the kumaras cooking roll out the pastry, grease the pie dish, and line ready to fill. When the kumaras soft and cooked through drain well and mash together with some cream cheese, the 3 eggs, a teaspoon of mixed herbs and some seasoning.

Fill the prepared dish with the filling and pop in the oven at 180 for 40 minutes  ish – depending on your oven. Lola served ours with a simple fresh salad.