Well the name of this town if very familiar to us – coming from the south east side of Cornwall, with our nearest city Plymouth. Looking back to the 18th century the ships departed from the Port of Plymouth in the UK carrying many Englishman heading for the high seas, and adventure to New Zealand – arriving here in new Plymouth. So it goes without saying that we felt quite connected to this town.

The town itself is spread out along the coast with great board walks for walking and biking. We find it difficult to park the bus in the cities, so parked just out of town and walked into the museum via all the parks, enjoyed a coffee stop at the BATCH right on the front, and then off to the the zoo the next day – a great place to entertain kids. Isla found a street piano and really enjoyed getting into it for a moment, receiving the odd passing smile. As we drove around the area we were always able to see mount Taranaki towering above the land with a ring of clouds looped around it like a giant halo.