Its got to be a favorite – although not very healthy and a bit of a treat for us, but got to be done once in a while after a blustery walk on a cooler day.


Well  no rules -, just whatever yu fancy. We try and keep it  little healthier by cutting out the meat and including lots of fresh produce.

We had, fresh bread, eggs, veggi sausages, fresh tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, avocados, and homemade hash browns. Ho and we were given baked beans that Lola insisted she had.


Start with whatever takes the longest to cook – Lola started by grating the potatoes for the hash browns, then season and squeeze as much of the liquid out as you shape them, cook in a really hot pan and leave to cook while getting the rest of the preparations underway. Lola had pans everywhere but seemed to have it all under control – but a bit of a dishes explosion when finished ! I like to serve ours with a drizzle of reduced balsamic and avocado oil and well seasoned.