As all of you – our followers know, we’ve now been on a mission for the last 6 months to raise awareness for PWS –  ( for the new followers- if you’ve not read all our website yet,  this is a very rear condition that our youngest daughter Isla has ) . We’ve been meeting many, many people as we travel from day to day, and always share or mission with them. It’s been wonderful meeting several families within New Zealand also living with PWS as we’ve traveled the country. We’d like to let you all know that sadly our jury in our bus is to shortly come to an end as we head north. So with this we’d like to call any families, or any individual living with PWS  if you’d like to connect with us as we pass by, we would be very happy to meet you. We are now in Cambridge and heading north so please do feel free to get in touch, via the get in touch page at to bottom of our website.