During this time of visiting friends we received the news of Isla not receiving the support she needs – should she return back to school – This follows on from our previse post …..

Before we started this journey in our bus Isla was happily enrolled at our local school and receiving the extra teacher aid hours she needed to attend school safely – but now after homeschooling her for a year and a half ( also due to covid) we’re returning back home and hope to re-enroll Isla back at school. But in seems that the Ministry of Education have reduced  Isla’s teacher aid hours by half ! which is an unacceptable amount of only 14 hours per week. It’s so shattering to hear this news and with this our friend understood our disappointment and frustration and wanted to help.

So on a roll we went setting  up the recording gear to capture on video what we were trying to put across – To share our disappointment and worry for the future of Isla’s education as we’re sure we’re not the only ones out there fighting for what our child needs and deserves- to be included in a fair education like any other child – take a look at this link to see our short video  (82) Prader Willi Syndrome – YouTube

Thank you dear friends x