2  cups of rolled oats,

1  cup of flour,

2/3  of a cup of coconut sugar,

3/4 cups of shredded coconut,

1/2 cup of butter,

1/3  of a cup of honey,

1 teaspoon of bicarb soda,

2 tablespoons of hot water.


Pre-heat oven to 160.

Line a couple of baking try’s ready for later.

At the Oats,  flour, coconut and coconut sugar  in a bowl and mix together. Then melt together in a saucepan the butter and honey, then add the bicarb and water, mixing well.

Then pour the wet ingredients in to the dry and combine.

Spoon the mixture onto the trays leaving a little space around each dollop. Bake for 20 min until golden –  Yummmm.