YES – seems now that we’ve gained Isla some more teacher aid hours- with more persistence, lots of meetings, letters here and there, and working together with great support from Islas school principle -we did it. Together we’ve managed to gain Isla 4 days, or 24 hours of teacher aid per week to support Islas learning journey and protect her from the dangers of food while at school, and to also help her through the day with any behavior complication’s that arise. This is a big relief for us and wonderful for Isla to now be included, and offered the same opportunities of receiving a education at school like any other child. All just in time for the start of this term in 2 days –  this Monday !

Yyyiiiipppeeeeee we are ssssssoooo relieved Thank you everyone for all your efforts.

Picture coloring by Lola during school roleplay sometime in the bus.