We’ve been home a while now, and on arriving back we felt it took longer than expected to adjust and settle into home life again. Our house is our home and business, so found ourselves overwhelmed with the amount of things needing to be done  – After all we’ve been gone for 7 months !  Our friends did an amazing job taking care our interests –  spread between a few of them they all did a great job – so we’re grateful and relived – as it could have gone the other way ! We’re lucky to have such good people on the team. So after  such time away we’ve come back with a fresher outlook on life, and just tweaking a few thing here and there as you do – it’s just a case of finding the energy to do it all – life can be a juggling act at times can’t it.

Although we saw a lot of friend’s on our travels it felt good to be back in our familiar surroundings and around our community and  friends again. After being in the bus and on the move most days it’s been nice to be home and stationary, with a little bit more space, and a few luxury’s like a bath, and a washing machine on hand !

As you may have read on a previous blog that  on arriving back we had a little trouble on a re- enrolling Isla back into school and gaining the support she needs to allow her to attend school, which added extra stress at that time.

Isla especialy took extra time to settle in to the whole school thing again – so overwhelmed with a combination of excitement and anxiety of it all, and getting used to her new rutine and boundaries was challenging for her – and others, but she’s getting there.

But I can say now that both the girls are loving school – with all the other extra clubs back on again – for Lola – sea scouts, and roller derby, and for Isla – piano lessons and horse ridings at RDANZ which is a real highlight of her week.

Now that we’re a bit busier we’re already missing being outside so much, and in touch with nature-  in the bus we spent a lot of time outside in some amazing places, so this is one thing we need to tweak a little – to utilize our outside space as best we can – and enjoy it –  in-between all the other stuff going on it’s good to just breath in some fresh air a notice the little things as the seasons change. Even when nipping out to the veg garden, I enjoy it for just for a moment, even if  I’m in a hurry – Enjoy your moment outside wherever you are    : – )