Back home and settling in

We've been home a while now, and on arriving back we felt it took longer than expected to adjust and settle into home life again. Our house is our home and business, so found ourselves overwhelmed with the amount of things needing to be done  - After all we've been gone for 7 months !  [...]

Back home and settling in2021-08-27T15:40:16+12:00

YES – Isla now has her teacher aid hours.

YES - seems now that we've gained Isla some more teacher aid hours- with more persistence, lots of meetings, letters here and there, and working together with great support from Islas school principle -we did it. Together we've managed to gain Isla 4 days, or 24 hours of teacher aid per week to support Islas [...]

YES – Isla now has her teacher aid hours.2021-07-04T09:05:57+12:00

Isla the lumberjack ! Nearly home now.

Wow what determination Isla has - she sawed her way through this big piece of wood for the fire all by herself ! One silver- lining for anyone with PWS is their determination, patience, and staying power to complete their goal -  a skill some kids lack, especially with so much screen time going on [...]

Isla the lumberjack ! Nearly home now.2021-07-04T08:56:33+12:00

The M.O.E battle continues for teacher aid hours for Isla- but time is ticking !

Communications with the Ministry of Education continue to raise the hours of teacher aid that Isla's needing to attend school - with the new term starting in only 6 days - time's now of an essence !  The principle of the school is doing their best in every way with a meeting with the M.O.E [...]

The M.O.E battle continues for teacher aid hours for Isla- but time is ticking !2021-07-04T08:23:11+12:00

Anzac Day Baking

Anzac Day, of course a day of remembrance for those who fought and sadly lost their lives in battle. Lola had to get baking for the occasion -Not so healthy I know, but there has to be exceptions. They were very yummy, - see Lola's blog for how to make them.

Anzac Day Baking2021-07-04T07:39:57+12:00


After a few relaxing days at our friends we headed north to Opononi and back inland a little east to hook up with a friend we hadn't see for the time we've been away - now we're getting closer to our home we're obviously looking forward to seeing all our friends again back in and [...]


Potting and crafts together.

While parked up visiting our friend whos a potter and guided us to get crafty with the clay, then as you can see other crafts can also unfold when were in one place for a little while. I couldn't decide what time of the day i liked the view best - its was always so [...]

Potting and crafts together.2021-06-15T07:36:04+12:00