Back home and settling in

We've been home a while now, and on arriving back we felt it took longer than expected to adjust and settle into home life again. Our house is our home and business, so found ourselves overwhelmed with the amount of things needing to be done  - After all we've been gone for 7 months !  [...]

Back home and settling in2021-08-27T15:40:16+12:00

YES – Isla now has her teacher aid hours.

YES - seems now that we've gained Isla some more teacher aid hours- with more persistence, lots of meetings, letters here and there, and working together with great support from Islas school principle -we did it. Together we've managed to gain Isla 4 days, or 24 hours of teacher aid per week to support Islas [...]

YES – Isla now has her teacher aid hours.2021-07-04T09:05:57+12:00

Reenrollment of School, and lack of support for Isla.

As the vagabond family this journey of traveling New Zealand in our bus to raise awareness for PWS is slowly coming to an end, and with this we will settle back into our community of friends, work and SCHOOL - As most of you know that children like Isla living with PWS need EXTRA SUPPORT [...]

Reenrollment of School, and lack of support for Isla.2021-06-13T23:13:43+12:00

Takaka village

On arriving to Takaka we received a very warm welcome from everyone we met, especialy from our old friend Steve with the Sandcastle accommodation who we'd not seen for many years and kindly suggested we should park the bus in his field with an  apple orchard across the way and some grazing sheep. With space [...]

Takaka village2021-04-01T19:24:19+13:00

Lake Tekapo

We spent a few days at lake Tekapo where we camped at the NZMCA camp, right on the lakeside just out of town. Pretty peaceful spot sheltered in pine trees- known as the Tekapo pines which we managed to find ourselves a few after Paul climbing one of the big trees to grab as a [...]

Lake Tekapo2021-03-14T10:54:35+13:00

Rhubarb and plumb crumble.

RHUBARB AND PLUMB CRUMBLE  (Gluten, dairy, and sugar free) INGREDIENTS- FOR FRUIT BASE  - Fresh rhubarb and plumbs ( organic, foraged from a beautifully big plumb tree at our campsite one night, see pix ) , and a little orange juice. When in the land of stone fruit- Otago- eat plumb crumble ! INGREDIENTS- FOR [...]

Rhubarb and plumb crumble.2021-02-17T21:47:18+13:00

Couscous salad with fruit and basil.

COUSCOUS SALAD WITH FRUIT AND BASIL. Lola's fresh and fruity salad for light summertime dinners. Lola's not done this one before, and came as a nice surprise last night after a hot day. Ingredients- See photo of Lola's hand written list. Method - Start by cooking the purl couscous, while its' cooking prepare the salad [...]

Couscous salad with fruit and basil.2021-02-17T21:51:33+13:00

Fresh fish and salad

FRESH FISH AND SALAD Following on from our market outing today, Lola's cooked us a lovely healthy dinner this evening from our produce bought today...... See the photo of Lola's ingredients list. Method - Chop and prepare the salad. Cut the fish into small manageable pieces, and coat them in seasoned flour, then pan fry [...]

Fresh fish and salad2021-02-17T21:57:00+13:00

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Don't forget you can also follow us on Instagram for more regular updates and short video's of what we're up to from day to day Although our webpage here has more detail in it we don't blog quite as often - so just flick between the 2 for best insight and updates. Thanks  the [...]

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Heartfelt thoughts from the Vagabond family to those dealing with Covid times.

As the new year 2021 begins, we the vagabond family would like to take this opertunity so share a thought - We understand that for most of in the world, including New Zealand, the year 2020 has  been a very  difficult one. Right now it feels so surreal that we can still continue our trip [...]

Heartfelt thoughts from the Vagabond family to those dealing with Covid times.2021-01-29T17:33:33+13:00