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It’s been a real challenge to find the right house bus regarding vehicle model, size, layout, and also a quality we can afford, with all that we need onboard as a family home, yet not too big to allow access to the best spots around NZ. One of the main factors in the right bus is to be able to partition the kitchen in such a way that Isla can’t enter, keeping her safe and food well stowed!

We’ve bought 7m converted Toyota coaster, with the addition of a 2m box trailer for storing extra gear minimising things stored in our already small living space.

We’re in the process of reconfiguring the kitchen to suit Islas needs, keeping food locked and out of sight. The kitchen was originally in the middle of the bus, on one side which will soon be Lola’s school desk.

Then we removed the large double bed at the back of the house bus, now replacing it with a good size kitchen for full time living. Our bed will be rebuilt forward of the bus as a double rock n roll style bed- yet to be made but must be super comfy and quick and easily assembled every night.


This house bus also has the bonus of a pop-top, so Lola will have her own area in the pop-top loft space, with a permanent bed and ample storage, with a desk bellow for school work. Isla will have a little cabin bed within the bus, with another desk for her and more storage bellow.

The bus has 5 seats with belts all certified which swivel to become a dining area with a table, once again a good space-saving bonus for such a small bus which is also already certified- self-contained for 5 people.

It already has a simple built-in combined shower and toilet compartment, white and fresh ready to go – so one less job to do! All in all, it’s a great bus, we’ve made really good use of space and feel it’ll work well for us.

So right now, we’re very excited as the project unfolds, hoping that the fundraising in time will contribute to research helping find that much needed medication that were all hoping for – to STOP the Hunger, as we weave all the elements of this project together, making it even more for filling for us and everyone else around the world, who are “in the same boat” so to speak, or at least we can try to inspire others affected.


This project is truly bringing people together, we’re overwhelmed by everyone’s understanding and generosity, whether it be constructive input, knowledge, skills sheared, or hours of time, we’re surrounded with kindness and very grateful for the offerings.

We plan to give it all we’ve got, it’s going to be a real life blog, with real meaning and a real story behind it with a very rewarding outcome. We’re still new to websites and blogging but we are very lucky to have the support of talented friends without whose help it would have been near impossible for us to make this happen.

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If you would like to get in touch with us, share your experience of PWS, ask us questions about how we manage in such a small bus, or even arrange to catch up with us at some point as we travel around New Zealand please use the form below and will get back to you as soon as we can.
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