Well, I’ve doing a lot of righting based on where, and what we’ve been doing, and feel I must mention as we go about our day today life traveling in our bus, we continually chat to curious people we meet about PWS ( Prader Willi syndrome ). People see our bus with the orange stickers, and ask,” what is PWS ? ” There genially interested and keen to learn, we chat for ages in great depth about PWS, and our mission – to raise awareness, and connect with others living with PWS.

Even yesterday at the marked place, a lady who served us had already looked us up – she had seen our bus parked up with the orange stickers, and information on the side just a few days ago. She recognized us, and had already read our page, knew all about the project – and praised our efforts. She used to live in Stewart Island, and highly recommended we visited the island – so watch this spaces.