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Potting and crafts together.

While parked up visiting our friend whos a potter and guided us to get crafty with the clay, then as you can see other crafts can also unfold when were in one place for a little while. I couldn't decide what time of the day i liked the view best - its was always so [...]

Potting and crafts together.2021-06-15T07:36:04+12:00

Through Auckland and onto Baylys beach.

As we work our way slowly north we popped into see friends here and there- It's our first time visiting here so feel lucky to have hooked up together and checked out this magic spot. So reminded us of our little home in Cornwall near the cliffs with the  natural, wild beach just a stroll [...]

Through Auckland and onto Baylys beach.2021-06-15T07:18:18+12:00

Tropical snack for on the move

SCRUMMY  HEALTHY SNACK FOR ON THE MOVE - Goji berries, Dried pineapple chunks, shredded coconut, almonds, peanuts, sliced dried bananas all mixed up for a scrummy energy boost.    

Tropical snack for on the move2021-07-04T10:49:17+12:00

Wihi Beach

Wihi beach is a beautiful beach to stroll on but just behind the trees is a sea of holiday homes ranging from the classic batchs to newbuilds that are all closed up, and not a sol in site ! Just out outside Auckland I would imagine there's a lot of second home owners here.

Wihi Beach2021-06-15T07:04:54+12:00

Tauranga visiting friends- movie making.

During this time of visiting friends we received the news of Isla not receiving the support she needs - should she return back to school - This follows on from our previse post ..... Before we started this journey in our bus Isla was happily enrolled at our local school and receiving the extra teacher [...]

Tauranga visiting friends- movie making.2021-06-17T20:15:26+12:00

Reenrollment of School, and lack of support for Isla.

As the vagabond family this journey of traveling New Zealand in our bus to raise awareness for PWS is slowly coming to an end, and with this we will settle back into our community of friends, work and SCHOOL - As most of you know that children like Isla living with PWS need EXTRA SUPPORT [...]

Reenrollment of School, and lack of support for Isla.2021-06-13T23:13:43+12:00

Te Puke village

We stayed in the little village of Te Puke with some new friends. Friends of friends and a pass by popped by and hit it off. We had the 10 cent tour around their village, the weekend market then a recharge in the local backery. We enjoyed a couple of evenings of shared kai together [...]

Te Puke village2021-06-13T22:18:49+12:00

Whakarewarewa red wood forest walk- Rotorua.

This is stunning walk to take - We heard about the woods just a little out of town - so headed on in - soooo beautiful it is. We just drifted around taking it all in. Manley redwoods and Punga tree ferns (New Zealand silver fern). We even had a little fantail come and visit [...]

Whakarewarewa red wood forest walk- Rotorua.2021-06-13T22:24:39+12:00

Rotorua thermal hot springs ( in the rain )

Wow Rotorua is special spot for all the wonderful bush fringed lakes that make up the Rotorua lakes. So natural and un spoilt, geothermal heated , bubbling springs to float around in for hours, and not only soaking up the good minerals, but the beautiful dense bush and the surrounding wildlife too. Most wonderful bath [...]

Rotorua thermal hot springs ( in the rain )2021-06-13T21:38:04+12:00

Calling anyone living with PWS who’d like to connect with us.

As all of you - our followers know, we've now been on a mission for the last 6 months to raise awareness for PWS -  ( for the new followers- if you've not read all our website yet,  this is a very rear condition that our youngest daughter Isla has ) . We've been meeting [...]

Calling anyone living with PWS who’d like to connect with us.2021-04-12T17:17:07+12:00